Beta 26 - Install Either of The Packages = Error EPERM / EPERM Operation Not Permitted mkdir 'C

Hey all
Haven’t used the sim for a few weeks as been busy. I have just updated MSFS to latest and all ok.

I then uninstalled Navigraph Navdata Centre and then downloaded and installed Beta 26

If I try it install either of the packages an error pops up within two seconds - ERROR EPERM

I have uninstalled and reinstalled and same issues

After a further uninstall and reinstall, now I get EPERM operation not permitted, mkdir 'C

Any help much appreciated.


Hi Mick,


EPERM means that the application cannot access something because of lacking privileges. Have you installed into default locations?


Hi Ian
Thanks for the reply.

Yes, just installed where it wanted to install. Never had any issues with previous versions.


Hello again Ian,
I cannot explain why, but after posting the reply a few minutes ago thought I’d give it another go. I reinstalled again and all fine now.

Honestly, I never changed a thing. Just another unexplained mystery.

Thank you

Hi Mick,

No probs, glad it is resolved.

Happy flying


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