Avitab link

when I try to link to navigraph i enter login info enter password opens browser and never closes browser window. (go to navigraph login it comes back with already loged on)

When i try to link avitab to navigraph i connect to the browser and enter password and browser screen goes to blue and never connects to my account

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It shouldn’t (and can’t) close the browser window for you - you have to do that yourself.
Is the Avitab not successfully signed in when you switch back to the simulator?

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When I close the browser window and switch back to avitab i am still not linked.

Which browser are you using?

Here are the steps that I take when signing in to Avitab:

  1. Press Link Navigraph Account and then Open Browser

  2. In the opened browser tab, sign in to your Navigraph Account:

  3. Allow AviTab to access the required information using your account:

  4. Once you press allow, you should be presented with this tab confirming successful sign in:


If I understand you correctly, your browser goes blank during one of these steps. Which one? Can you send me a screenshot?

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the browser screen goes blue, I never get the request permissions screen to allow me to respond “yes, Allow”.

Alright! Please take a look at these questions:

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well I tried to link to navigraph and for the first time in 5 days it worked!. Hope it continues to work. Thank you for your assistance in this issue!


I am happy to hear it! I hope so too. Enjoy!

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