Android Cell Phone App - Time Line


Do you have any estimated time frame as to when the Android Charts App will be available for cell phones?

This is one feature I used a lot in the past, especially on long haul flights, when I had to leave my PC but was still able to monitor my flight.

With the upcoming increase in subscription prices, I do feel like I am being asked to pay more but getting less.

Many thanks.


It is disappointing that Android cellphones are useless now with Navigraph. I would have expected the old version to remain functional until the update gets out to Android phones. Hope the phone version will come soon. I really used it a lot with my phone.


They really must finish the android cellphone compability instead of in-game panel :yawning_face:


Hi guys,

We’ve now started the public beta of the mobile app. Please check out the link below if you’d like to try it out!

Kind regards,


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It is soo good! Thank you!