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I like Navigraph charts and use it since a couple of years.
If I use the Airport info chart (70% overlay) with taxiways and gates I miss more contrast in relation to taxiway lines und gates respectively gate numbers size. If I click some icons then a brillant and high contrast overlay
is visible for milliseconds - maybe I’m doing something wrong. It’s the same issue on my desktop PC and my iPad with iOS.I would appreciate any help.
Regards Rolf

Hello! Thank you for reaching out, and welcome to the forum!

I am not sure I follow, sorry. What contrast are you looking to increase? You can increase the opacity to 100% in order to make the chart easier to read, but it does not sound like that is what you’re after?

Perhaps you can make a screen recording where you catch this moment and then share a couple of screenshots to show the difference?

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Hi Malte,
the attached photo shows a screenshot of my iPad and especially the airport info of Melbourne. Overlay is 70%. If I dial 100% then taxi lines off.

You can see the yellow taxi lines and the designations. On desktop PC with an great monitor you can identify it relative quite good, but at iPad screen it’s relative weak in contrast (Other apps at my iPad brilliant in contrast).
If I press one of the symbols (e.g. the triangle respectively intersection) then shortly for milliseconds the contast of the yellow taxi lines and color of design are very brilliant and intensiv - that’s what I miss.
Unfortunately I’m not able to catch this very short moment for a photo.
regards Rolf

The airport layout that is on the map itself (including taxiway centerlines) is not supposed to be used in conjunction with an overlaid chart. We could put the taxiway lines on top of the overlaid chart, but that would be annoying to the majority of users, and would not work when the chart contains parts that are not to scale.

Could you explain why you need both the taxiway centerlines and the overlaid chart? The taxiways are marked on the chart as well (albeit without lines), so I assume your use case is something else?

What you are seeing is the chart disappearing completely for a short duration. That would make it seem like the contrast better, but in reality, the chart was simply removed! Here is a short clip of the events unfolding in slow-motion:

To conclude: Please outline your use case for combining the taxiway lines on the map with the information in the chart. You are currently meant to use one or the other (just like real pilots), but perhaps you have reasons to do it this way?

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Hi Malte,
I’m flying online several times a week in our flight simulator club and I’m controlling, too.
It is very helpfull for me to see the exactly taxi lines and the Gate/Stand numbers at a moving map with aircraft symbol.
Without overlay it isn’t as exact as I need it especially on big airports. The detailed charts of Navigraph of an Airport ground/ parking stands are without moving aircraft symbol - that’s the reason.
Best regards Rolf

How are the taxiway centerlines helpful on top of the overlaid airport chart? The taxiway labels and gate/stand numbers are on both the map and the chart, why do you need both at the same time?

What is not as exact? I’d say that the airports that do have our advanced airport mapping database (with taxiway centerlines, terminal buildings, stop lines, etc.) are even more detailed than the airport chart since you can zoom in way further without losing any details. Or do you mean that the map is missing the textual information in the airport chart?

Basically, I am trying to figure out exactly what you mean when you say that just using the airport map (with taxiway centerlines) is “not as exact” as the airport diagram for larger airports.

Any to-scale, georeferenced chart can show your live position. This includes the vast majority of all airport (10-9, 20-9, etc.) charts! However, parking stands are commonly found on separate charts that contain elements that are not to scale, meaning that we cannot show your position or overlay it on top of the map.

As previously mentioned, putting the taxiway centerlines on top of any overlaid chart is going to cause more harm than good. The two are not meant to be combined, and the information displayed by the two would collide in a way that we cannot possibly predict, for every airport.

You even have examples of this in your screenshots, where increased contrast would actually obscure information from the chart - regardless of whether you use 70% or 100% opacity. I really want to help you, but increasing the contrast in the way that is suggested is not feasible as it would reduce the quality of our product for a majority of users.

Perhaps to put my thoughts into a question: What exactly is preventing you from just resorting to the map, without any overlaid chart, in cases like this? What is “not as exact”?

Sorry for the trouble, I am trying to understand if there is something we can do for you without too big implications!

Kind Regards,

Hi Malte,

I understand and I think I was wrong to see it pretty easy. Yes, you are quite right.
If I zoom without overlay it’s best contrast.
I’m sorry for wasting your time!

Kind regards

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No worries! You are not wasting my time.

We always want to improve and your feedback will always be appreciated by the team!
I am happy that you found something that works well for you, that is what matters.

You are welcome to reach out again, should you have any other inquiries! Have a pleasant afternoon!

Kind Regards,