After Simbrief import into Charts

After successfully generating and importing a flight plan from SIMBRIEF into charts and then CLOSING SIMBRIEF. How can I view the the other pertinent data( like TOW/ Landing wt, Fuel , FLT Altitude at waypts etc, ) from within CHARTS? Is this possible?
Do I have to refer back to SIMBRIEF to get that data
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Currently, you do not have access to the flight briefing for Charts, although that is, as far as I now, a planned feature for the future.

You can, however, download the briefing in PDF format from simBrief and use that on your sim PC (downloading of the PDF can be streamlined via “simBrief Downloader” if necessary); in addition, some aircraft let you access your simBrief briefing via their EFB, either directly or by reading the PDF briefing placed in a specific location (e.g. AviTab).



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Thank You @Rodeo314, i will look forward to the planned feature of charts that allows full integration with Simbrief. In addition to the pdf download, I can also use SIMTOOLKIT PRO for the Flight[plan import and the OFP data
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