New Charts App not opening on iPad

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New Charts App not opening on iPad

Post by vggoggi » Wed Oct 23, 2019 2:17 pm

I am trying to test the new Charts App for iPad, with a view to a full subscription shortly.
The previous version worked perfectly; I just waited in order to test the new one.

The new version installs and starts fine, but after displaying a blank (actually blue) screen, the iPad reverts to the usual iPad home page (all Apps icons). Double-clicking the button shows that the (blank) Charts page is still open, but it is not reachable. I installed Charts twice, on both my iPads:

iPad mini 3; iPad Air
iOS 12.4.2 (on both; latest updat)
Charts v. 7.0.5 (just downloaded from the AppStore)

Is it a glitch in the App, the AppStore version not updated, or should I scrap both my iPads?
Your advice will be greatly appreciated. Thanks,
Giorgio Goggi

PS: the corresponding App on my iMac works perfectly in Demo mode.

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Re: New Charts App not opening on iPad

Post by stephen » Wed Oct 23, 2019 2:41 pm


Unfortunately we seem to have an issue with the demo mode at the moment, which you use when you don't have a subscription. We're investigating.

If you have a subscription it will not crash. Compelling reason to buy? :D

Well, either you wait until we find and fix this bug, or you subscribe now for a month and test it right away. If you are really unhappy later we can refund it.



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