How do I download "x737FMC - native"

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How do I download "x737FMC - native"

Post by Kaptajnen » Sat Oct 28, 2017 6:16 pm

I am using the X-Plane Flight Simulator and the x737FMC.

According to the user guide "The x737FMC comes with a built-in database supplied by by Navigraph".

It then goes on to say "Download from Navigraph **"x737FMC - native**".
My question is: How do I do that?
Can you help?
Thank you

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Re: How do I download "x737FMC - native"

Post by Ian » Sun Oct 29, 2017 4:16 am

Hi Claus,


I suggest:

1. Install FJCC x737 FMC V3.3 specifying the X-Plane 10 root as installation path.
2. You should see AIRAC 1613 in FJCC x737 FMC V3.3 in aircraft x737-700 or x737-800.
3. In latest version FMS Data Manager Settings make sure you have the correct X-Plane 10 path.
4. In Addon Mappings, Scan should find X737FMC entry with value <XP10>\Custom Data\UFMC. Press Save
5. In Addon List , press down arrow to right of X737FMC entry.
6. You should now see AIRAC 1711 in FMC Ident page something like:
x737 Ident.JPG

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