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FMC Nav Data

Post by otooleg195 » Thu Jul 27, 2017 4:03 pm

Advice please. I already own PFPX But today I tried to input a flight plan into the PMDG 737-800 FMC and it wouldn't accept an airway after NANDO on a flight plan from Madrid to Ibiza? Now my NAVDATA in both PFPX and PMDG is out of date, is that the issue? The airway is UT257 out of Madrid btw. How do I resolve the issue? As an ill health retired old fart I cannot afford a monthly subscription to Navigraph but could I fix this issue by taking out a daily subscription and doing that once a year or is there another and better way? This affects all my sims...

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Re: FMC Nav Data

Post by Ian » Fri Jul 28, 2017 3:33 am

Hi George,


The Navigraph AIRAC 1708 for PMDG wpNavRTE.txt shows:
UT257 001 NANDO 39.988861 -2.174556
UT257 002 MABUX 39.549194 -1.149750
UT257 003 LASPO 39.282556 -0.544389
UT257 004 RIPUX 39.246639 -0.439778
UT257 005 URIPO 38.924083 0.483333

So if your Flightplan uses these waypoints it should work with AIRAC 1708. If you post the Flight Plan I can check.

Assuming so, you are probably best purchasing a 30 day FMS Data service for approximately Euro EUR 9,08 incl VAT for Netherlands. You then have 30 days to download AIRAC current FMS Data for all addons, and this remains and is usable after this period.

Alternatively you could pay approximately Euro EUR 10,04 / mo incl VAT for Netherlands for 30 days Ultimate service which adds 30 days only of Charts to the previous description. Details are at Subscriptions


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