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Charts Subscription Question

Post by grnicol » Thu Sep 29, 2016 6:22 pm

Historically I've always purchased my FMS data and charts from Navigraph. I cannot justify a yearly subscription for the amount of flying I do and I always purchased updates ad-hoc... i.e. every few months, depending on need. I've recently acquired the current AIRAC1016 FMS data and wanted to renew all my desktop charts to keep them at same level for a few months.

However, it seems this new subscription only approach means you cannot purchase charts and therefore cannot own any are effectively renting them and the minute you stop your subscription, you lose access to them - hence "rent" v "own". Can someone please confirm this is the way it operates or have I misunderstood?

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Re: Charts Subscription Question

Post by stephen » Fri Sep 30, 2016 10:23 am

Hi (your name, please?),

Your observation is correct. However, we have made it quite flexible for ad-hoc usage. With the Navigraph Ultimate Monthly you get full access to the FMS Data and the Charts for 30 day periods. You can turn this on and off as you go, since there is no binding period. If you are not using the charts or requiring updates for a month or two, you can simply unsubscribe, and then subscribe again when you need charts. At 7.50 Euro for each 30 day period, we hope it is compatible with most budgets.



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