Strange waypoints in Navigraph data. FI07R / RW07R ?

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Strange waypoints in Navigraph data. FI07R / RW07R ?

Post by wipeout01 » Wed Apr 06, 2016 4:09 pm

Hi, I am using an aircraft from Carenado maker, and it attach a Navigraph database. I have doubts about two waypoints? I don't know what is this...
I just programmed the arrival information in my FMC and got two points that are not indicated in the charts...

Asked to Carenado what are those waypoints? and they told me they don't know because they only integrate the Navigraph information, so told me to ask directly to Navigraph.

I explain my arrival, ok?

I am programming my FMC to fly from Seville, LEZL to Barcelona, LEBL... I've selected as arrival the MATE1S arrival... in the STAR chart, and as approximation I am going to land in the Runway 07R with ILS. So I've selected that approach, 07R with ILS and as TRANSITION I've selected VLA.

When you are going to land in an ILS landing or a VOR/DME landing you have an approach divided in three segments. 1st. IAF - Initial Approach Fix. 2nd. IF - Intermediate Fix. 3rd - FAP (for ILS) or FAF (for VOR/DME landing). It stands for Final Approach Point or Final Approach Fix. It is the last segment of the approach.

So I am going to land in the runway 07R and I've selected the most convinient approach for me, which is the transition VLA. There are several ways in which you can enter the runway, so you can access the runway 07R from several ways, coming from the east, west, north, south... so the approximation to that runway have several IAFs.

I've selected the VLA transition, that is... the IAF that is closer to my actual route.

You can see this in this chart, perfectly painted, so you won't have any doubt at all...

I am showing you the IAC - Instrumental Approach Chart.

Okay... so I did the FMC programming... and everything is fine... I see the transition perfectly shown... it show also the Intermediate Fix (IF), whose name is PERUK...

I see two misterious waypoints? are waypoints? not listed in any chart... and I don't know what is this.

Are called...

What is this????


I don't see this in any chart? specially in the Instrumental Approach Chart, I don't see anything about FI07R and RW07R ???
I've seen the local charts provided by the Spanish authority, AENA and also Jeppesen... and nothing... I don't see anything about FI07R and RW07R ?

Can you tell me, please, what is this information?
Is perhaps an error in the Navigraph information?

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Re: Strange waypoints in Navigraph data. FI07R / RW07R ?

Post by Ian » Thu Apr 07, 2016 8:46 am

Hi...(Please sign posts with your real name)

These are the Final Approach Point (FAP) and the start of the Runway (threshold). These are marked on Navigraph Charts.

You might like to Google "Final Approach Segment" for Instrument Approaches.


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