ZYCC no procedure at plan menu

There is no stock ZYCC, so I build it of my own. As I already built ZGGG/ZPPP/ZBAD/ZUUU ,both have a good compatibility to navigraph data. But after set the content.xml. I got no procedure, need for help.
I use ZPPP(changshui)as a example,ZPPP have to delete a bgl file from <fs-base\scenery\0902\APX75230.bgl>, after rebuild the airport, set the content.xml, make sure zppp higher than navigraph data, procedure shows up at plan menu.
I use the same technique to build ZYCC, get no procedure at plan menu.
Need help, please.(to use zycc, need delete:\fs-base\scenery\1002\APX81160.bgl)

zycc-longjia.rar (30.4 KB)zppp-changshui.rar (22.2 KB)

it´s a little bit strange because ZYCC is included in the fs-base folder 1002 and the filename is APX81160.bgl … but I can´t select it in the worldmap with/or without our database installed.

Also your technics, that you delete a bgl-file from the fs-base folder … a BGL can have more than one airport inside, which means, when you delete the APX75230.bgl file you lost ZPPP, ZPWS, ZUYI, ZWEE, and ZZHO … is that really what you want and/or is that really the recommanded way to select your scenery from ASOBO/MS, to delete a file from their fs-base scenery folder?

First, I would ask ASOBO/MS, why - when the airport is available in the stock-scenery data - the ZYCC can´t be selected in the worldmap. I guess, that´s the more important point here - also the same with ZPPP. After that, when we have a clear message, we should go ahead with your issue.

Sorry, but in this case, we can´t help … I would really highly recommand to ask in the FS-forum the question, why ZYCC and ZPPP aren´t selectable in the worldmap? Because I´m pretty sure, that thats the key to your issue.


Thank you for your advice, actually it’s not accurate that I side no stock ZYCC,I use littlenavmap checked the MSFS2020 database,shows something, but after I deleted the APX81160.bgl. I thought it should break the relationship to stock data. Or where could this killer be who kills all the procedures.

Again, the main question here for me is:
Why airports are included in the stock data, which are not searchable/selectable in the sim? I can´t believe that to delete a stock-bgl is the right way … at least, the sim will downloaded the whole content again, when a update/patch will be released …

Before we don´t have an answer of this, I guess it´s impossible to help …


Thank you very much, I got what you mean. MSFS2020 is lack of documentary. I think I have to programe the procedure myself. This airport work will be temporarily an end, I fly vatsim, basically I got enough airport I need.

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