Why? is the SID shown like this

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Why is the ISD ELEP1E at FWKI shown like this? - Also the SID in MSFS A20N was broken! Thx - i <3 your service!

Hello, I show this purple line correct on the overview for runway 14. Do you have a screenshot of the departure for AN20N?


You mean the departure is correct - as shown on your image?

Since its going away from the airport - and then back to the VOR again?

This is the export function from navigraph i get: FWKI/14 ELEP1E ELEPA UL437 KUTLA UVBI1D FBSK/26

you can use my pilot id from simbrief to load it into the A20N: xxxxx [Removed by Moderator, please do not share ID]

some screenshots in the email!

The rest at:

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It looks like a potential bug. We’ll investigate.

Please refer to the actual Jeppesen chart for an accurate depiction.



THX Stephen!

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