VOR Radials Question

Now I’m flying the PMDG DC-6, I create routes using VOR’s only, for example ENAL - KVB - VFL - KRA - EFIV. I have noticed the route from VOR to VOR does not show a Radial to or from the VOR. Part of the navigation procedure is to tune a VOR and set the required VOR Radial to fly in the VOR Indicator. If the next VOR is beyond the transmitters range we must use a Radial from the previous VOR.

Is this not implemented or do I need to change a setting somewhere.


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No, this is not a supported feature at the moment. However, we have had a similar feature request here:

The next version of Charts will most likely include this feature at some point, we already have it on our list of things we want to achieve!

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Good news, thank you very much

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