VFR Product Survey

I just filled out the VFR product survey. I forgot to add it into the other information for features I would like to see depicted on chart, but railroad tracks are very important VFR landmarks, at least for me.

Also… I work as one of the few remaining certified pilot weather briefers in the US (we’re being rapidly replaced by automated systems). So if Navigraph needs any advice, or expertise, on briefing packets, I most certainly would be willing to help.



Hello Robert! Thank you for your contribution! It is much appreciated!

Of course - you’re completely right. Railroads are of great importance to VFR navigation, and it should absolutely have been in the survey. It actually was at one point and we’re unsure as to when and how it got removed. Thank you for noticing, we’ll look into it!

Your offer to assist with your knowledge has been noted. I promise we’ll keep it in mind!

Kind Regards,

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