The indicated route

Hello, I would like to know if the indicated route, according to the attached graph, is correct or, on the contrary, which is the appropriate one. I thank you very much for the help you can give me and I wish you a happy weekend

Hola, quisiera saber si la ruta indicada, según gráfica adjunta, es correcta o, por el contrario, cuál es la adecuada. Les agradezco mucho por la ayuda que me puedan brindar y les deseo un feliz fin de semana



For which Flight Simulator FS9, FSX or MSFS?


The path indicated in the graph is for the P3D4.5 simulator.

Ian, I think it’s good for you to know that the P3D4.5 simulator, I have it installed on disk drive D.

Thank you


In FMS Data Manager Addon Mappings page, select and Remove all entries. Press Save.
Press Scan, wait for addons to be detected. Press Save.

In Addon List select all and Update.

If this doesn’t work, please provide screenshot of your Addon Mappings page using Guide to posting Screenshots


Ian, I don’t think I’ve made myself understood. I just want to know if the route chosen for my simulator is correct. You can see my choice in the attached graph.

Thank you very much and a cordial greeting

Ian, please a few lines to make sure that the path to choose is the main folder of the simulator. Thank you very much, and I apologize for the inconvenience.


If you take the steps I have indicated above, the FMS Data Manager will automatically detect where your flights sims and enter the paths accordingly in Settings.

I can only guess where you have installed your flights sims. The path for Prepar3D v4 should be where your Prepar3D.exe is located.

Similarly your Flight Simulator 9 path should be where your fs9.exe is located.

You have reference to Flight Simulator X there which looks wrong. Maybe you do have Flight Simulator X, in which case your Flight Simulator X path should be where fsx.exe is located.


Ian, I have followed your instructions and everything has been sorted out. Thank you very much for your assistance and patience with me.

Good day, and good luck

You are welcome. No problems. Glad it is resolved.

Happy flying


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