Temporarily disabling Navigraph

As always, thank you for Navigraph!

I’m using MSFS 2020 and am going to begin going through FS Academy’s Jetliner. Directions from FSA states: “For the time being, Navigraph users should temporarily disable the updated database whilst progressing through Jetliner.”

Question: How do I temporarily disable Navigraph’s navigation database while I’m working on a Jetliner tutorial and how then again do I enable it again when I’m flying? (rinse…repeat…rinse…repeat)

Thank you for your assistance and I apologize if I have overlooked this question and answer in this forum. -Brian

Hi Brain,
simple, press the “remove” button in the Navigraph Navdata Center. This removes the data and set all back to default.

Whenever you want to install it again, press “Install” in the NNC and all is good. Needs only a few seconds to enable/disable the data.

The only important one is, that you do all this via the NNC.

Hope that helps and good luck for your project

Thank you for your directions. I assumed that was the correct procedure but desired to verify since not messing up Navigraph is more important to me that the tutorial project. Grateful for your time in responding. - Brian

You’re welcome Brian and thank you very much for this kind words. Nice to read, that our work is so much valued.

Thank you very much from our whole team

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