Streamdeck Integration for ATC


I am a virtual air traffic controller (who also flies and thus has a full Navigraph subscription). I would very much like to have my Elgato Streamdeck integrated with Navigraph’s Chart Cloud, such that the buttons on the Streamdeck could be used to easily navigate to a chart I need to review.

Current State:

I formerly used Navigraph as my chart source while performing ATC services for reference. However, since I transitioned to my Streamdeck as the primary means to quickly pull up reference charts, I have switched to using an alternative provider for reference charts while performing ATC services (though I maintain a full Navigraph subscription).

However, due to the speed with which I need to access charts, I recently began using my Streamdeck as an “interface.”

First, I build a set of folders and subfolders on the Streamdeck that align to the airports located within my air traffic control unit’s scope of concern. Then I add a button for each chart (STAR, DP, AD), and that button performs a web action to launch the chart provider’s web site (this is a free provider). This works only because the chart provider follows a consistent naming convention that can be referenced in the URL request.

During my controlling session, I push the airport, then the procedure, and the FAA chart loads on the browser window for easy reference.

Desired State:

My future desired state would include close-knit integration between the Streamdeck and Navigraph. Such that the following steps could occur:

  • AIRAC cycle is updated by FAA.
  • Navigraph recognizes AIRAC update and forces an update via a “Streamdeck Updater” function.
  • Streamdeck Updater would use a configured list of airports (set by the user) to automatically create the folders and buttons for each airport and relevant procedure type on the Streamdeck.
  • Streamdeck Updater would set the action of each button to load the procedure on the Charts Cloud.
  • User would push the airport button and procedure on the Streamdeck. E.g. KMIA folder, then the CSTAL2 button.
  • The CSTAL2 STAR procedure would load in Charts Cloud on the browser.

(Ideally, the system could recognize any future AIRAC and update the buttons and folders on the Streamdeck automatically).

Thanks for your consideration- we love Navigraph.


I know I did not explicitly state it in the writeup, but it would be helpful to be able to quickly access IAP this way, too.