Simulator stuck loading whenever I have AIRAC 2203 installed via the Navdata center application

I have cleared out my entire community folder but whenever I install the new airac using the navdata center on windows 10 the simulator gets stuck loading on about 3/4th of the loading bar. Whenever I remove the navigraph files from my community folder the game starts up just fine. How do I fix this?

please can you upload your content.xml file? Which sim do you use? Steam or Marketplace? I assume, we are speaking from the latest release and not feom the SU9 beta …


What do you mean by the content.xml file? And I’m using the Microsoft marketplace simulator. And my navdata center is on 1.0.7.

Found it:
Content.xml (5.3 KB)

… have you installed the AIRAC now? Because I don’t see the package in your file? Please do following:

  • close the sim
  • delete this content.xml file
  • Start the sim and close him again after it was started
  • Install the AIRAC via the Navigraph Navdata Center
  • upload the content.xml file again here

Please confirm, you are NOT using the SU9 beta. Also, please confirm, that your community folder is empty (excl. our packages after the AIRAC installation)


Yes I can confirm I am not using the beta and I am using the most recent version of navdata center. I can also confirm that my community folder is empty. I followed your steps and now I have this content.xml file:
Content.xml (5.5 KB)

Thank you for helping me by the way

Did you find something?

No sorry, should work now (as for a few thousand customer). Must be an other issue on your system. Sorry, can’t see any issue in your scenery file now. Possible you must wait a little bit longer … but without any errors it’s hard to find the reason. The MSFS forum is full of such issues (not related to the navdata). Sorry.


I fixed it! I had to turn off my antivirus and the game started up without a problem.

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