Simlink yet again

It has been reported so many times already. I wonder why Navigraph is taking forever to take action.

The stuttering happens when the Simlink unexpectedly quits while in-flight. With the plugin not running it induces stutters.

I have followed every recommendation the uninstall, removal of the directory, etc. The plugin still randomly quits at some points and the stutter fest starts.

Are you guys able to re-create the issue on your flight simulators please?


Same here Simlink is causing extreme stutters. New install wont fix it =(

Hi Romano,

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This is taking time because we dont see it on our machines. We are testing with a number of customers directly and hope to identify the cause. You can help by posting the latest dlog and log files from c:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Navigraph\Simlink\logs\ .

Please also post screenshot of Simlink Status as per Posting Guide - Uploading Screenshots


Hi Paddy,

Welcome to our new forum.

To help us determine what is happening on your system, please post details as requested of Romano.


Hi ian attached a screenshot but cant uploading dlog file beause im a new user ^^

simlink_2020-11-30.dlog (1.6 KB)

and this is my dlog now :slight_smile: error 183 is coming ??X-Plane 11_20201130112010_log.txt (94.3 KB)


Can’t upload a file yet since the forum transition due to new account.

any help how we can fix it ?