Simlink Login Issue

After a new start-UP , you get the window TO LOGIN in SIMLINK, when pushed the button…
and see … wait for authorication in EDGE a tabblad [… Bad Request - Request Too Long, HTTP Error 400. The size of the request headers is too long…]

SO… you can’t loging.

Is that the problem with simlink ???
because on the desktop simlink don’t see the simulator…
…and in the simulator simlink can’t connect to the simulator

Hi “CapCook”,

Please send a screenshot of the Simlink window.
For your post details its looks like Simlink is getting block by antivirus or security application, so please check the Simlink is allow from the security application or not.

For more details, please upload the Simlink log file, which is located at C:\Users\<USERNAME>\AppData\Roaming\Navigraph\Simlink\logs.


Ahir Vishal D.

simlink_2021-06-11.dlog (1.2 MB)

Hi “CapCook”,

Thank you for sending us log files and screenshots. For “Moving Map” in Navigraph Charts, you have to login into Simlink, and as per your screenshot, Simlink was not log in and you get a “Bad Request” error in the browser.

Can please check the below points for Simlink login,

  1. Did you use any proxy settings? and If you using it then please configure it into Simlink also.
  2. Did you use VPN? If yes then please try to close the VPN and check with it.
  3. If you have any antivirus or firewall then please allow our Navigraph server to access from the browser.
  4. Try to use a different browser as default browsers, like Google Chrome or Mozilla, we prefer to use Google Chrome.

Please let me know if have any confusion about it.


Ahir Vishal D.

Hello Ahir,
Hi, Ahir,

What have I done…,
VPN => DELETE. BITDEFENDER shutdown, MICROSOFT gives Navigraph permission. So it can’t be the "änti virus program ", because the
problem still there.

What more…

The BAD REQUEST is comming Microsoft EDGE after ;

- Simlink is trying to LOGIN, after the first start of the day.
- When I try LOGIN with the brouwser EDGE,
- When I try to LOGIN in the forum.navigraph in EDGE.

When I use GOOGLE CHROME I can LOGIN the forum.navigraph.

When I try to get the charts on the “iPad” it is possible to LOGIN and it has a connection with navigraph-charts, but there is an error when I want to link in for “the moving map”, while MSFS2020 is running.

==>> message : A running simulator could not detected <<==


On my computer ( upstairs, where I don’t have any link or connection with Navigraph on that computer ), with Window’s 10 21H1
is it “possible” to do a LOGIN in Navigraph with the browser EDGE. !!!

What does it mean;
That the cause of troubles is EDGE on this computer and NAVIGRAPH.

The famos error BAD REQUEST

note 2:
Update last simlink => still BAD REQUEST and no LOGININ Navigraph

Best Regard,
john Peters