Simlink installig without browser

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I am trying to install simlink on my flightsim PC. I have no browser on this pc as it is dedicated for flightsimming. I can install and all programs even if they require a login, except…simlink. Is there anyway a possibility to bypass this ( not using a webbrowser ).


No, there is no way to bypass this. You need a browser for the initial authentication flow, but then you can remove the browser!

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Do you still have these crazy amounts of updates and that I have to relogin? Will use the fenix EFB.

We aim not to release too many updates, as we realize that the notifications are annoying. You can always turn them off too.

I have not signed into Simlink since I installed it and that is the expected behavior. If you experience anything else, feel free to post on this forum!

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Thanks, might consider it with a lightweight browser. And turn update notifications off.

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