Simlink - Impossible to Authenitificate


I do not know if I am in the good section of the forum but for a few weeks now I am not able to authentificate wiht SimLimk. I uninstall / reinstall the software but nothing changed.

I attached the log :slight_smile:
[2022-02-13 17:10:01] [] [ERROR] REST ERROR:




[2022-02-13 18:01:34] [] [INFORMATION] MSFS2020 Sim is disconnected
[2022-02-13 18:01:34] [] [INFORMATION] MSFS2020 connection closed
[2022-02-13 18:19:34] [] [INFORMATION] MSFS2020 Sim is disconnected
[2022-02-13 18:19:34] [] [INFORMATION] MSFS2020 connection closed
[2022-02-13 21:13:16] [] [INFORMATION] OIDC_refresh_tokens_CALL[11bd0ed79acaec21e26510024b4b8653]
[2022-02-13 21:13:16] [] [ERROR] OIDC_refresh_tokens ERROR:response json contains no ‘access_token’: {“error”:“invalid_grant”}
[2022-02-13 21:17:22] [] [INFORMATION] OIDC_refresh_tokens_CALL[11bd0ed79acaec21e26510024b4b8653]
[2022-02-13 21:17:22] [] [ERROR] OIDC_refresh_tokens ERROR:response json contains no ‘access_token’: {“error”:“invalid_grant”}
[2022-02-13 21:17:25] [] [INFORMATION] OIDC_refresh_tokens_CALL[11bd0ed79acaec21e26510024b4b8653]
[2022-02-13 21:17:25] [] [ERROR] OIDC_refresh_tokens ERROR:response json contains no ‘access_token’: {“error”:“invalid_grant”}

I a using Chrome and it worked weel before.

Thanks a lot !



I suggest you start from scratch with latest Charts and Simlink . Please disable any Antivirus and Firewall.

In Simlink Plugin Settings uninstall Simlink plugin from your FS , then completely uninstall Simlink and Charts using Windows Programs and Features exactly as under .

If they exist delete directories
c:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Navigraph and c:\Program Files\Navigraph

Then download and install latest Simlink and Charts Desktop using the default prompted locations.

Restart computer.

Please let us know how you get on.


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