Segment Z282 between LMA - NETEX Germany not in database, causes CTD in Charts

I downloaded AIRAC 2109 for PMDG and setup a route in Charts:

EDDL/05R LMA1Z LMA Z282 NETEX Z283 MODRU Z717 MAS M617 ROFAC DCT SOPVI EHEH/SOPVI.I03-X. The route is accepted without errors.

But loading the route in the PMDG 737 NGX FMC says “Z282” is not in the database. I replaced the segment by “DCT”.

Next I have tried to adapt the route in Charts but if I delete “Z282” the application on my IPAD crashes to desktop (CTD)

If I edit “Z282” by “DCT” manually in the Typed Route everything is OK.

Q1: Why is Z282 not in the PMDG database ?
Q2: Why crashes the app if I delete the segment ?


Hi Herman,

Z282 is an airway connecting LMA and NETEX:

Z282 001 DIBIR 51.276944 6.124444
Z282 002 NETEX 51.328019 6.271356
Z282 003 LMA 51.370914 6.394925

So in the PMDG737-800GXu (entered into FMC using Next Page at RTE page) :



Thnks, I can reproduce your steps

You are right, it is correct in the database

I have found the problem: the LMA1Z departure ends into “LMANB” and not in LMA

Regards, Herman

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