Rothera NDB

Hello NG,

as a long time P3D user, I still am coming to grips with installing an AIRAC cycle in SIM. My latest issue involves an undocumented NDB at Rothera station, Antarctica. Aerosoft were nice enough to include this NDB, which is really nice. However as soon as a NG cycles is installed, this NDB disappears.
Is this correct behaviour? In other words, the NG AIRAC overrides any radio station that is not in its database? Is it not like a “we don’t know it so we’ll leave it” kind of thing?



Hi Xander,
we don’t “overwrite” information. Our data are normally “extensions” to existing data. It’s posaible that we don’t have this none public NDB but when it’s included in a special MSFS scenery, it should be still included and available.

I don’t know the MSFS Aerosoft scenery, so I can’t really help you in this case. Again the navdata are “additionals” not “replacments” …



thanks. Weird then about the NDB disappearing. I will head over to Aerosoft to see if they have an answer.

Have you tried the in-game re-ordering tool in MSFS (under Option)? Possible that this is the “key” for your solution …


Richard, I have only done the procedure of deleting AIRAC, start/close SIM and re-install. I will check out your suggestion.

Thanks again.

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