RNAV approaches - missing glidepath data Aerosoft

Using the Aerosoft Airbus professional series, when i fly an RNAV approach the vertical path of the approach is missing. Looking at the raw data files this seems to be missing from the raw data and is therefore not in the mcdu (ive manually added the glidepath into the raw data and thereafter the approach can be flown)

I have checked numerous airports and this is missing for all of them, so its not individual cases.

Is there any way of getting the glidepaths into the fms data?

I am using the Aerosoft Airbus Professional A318-A321, with the current AIRAC (2107), the data has been downloading using the fms data manager and with a manual install

… but it would helpful for us, to get an example - so please give us an example that we can check it and where you have seen in the raw files, that the GS is missing …

Thank you very much

Thanks for the response, of course:
taken from LFMN.txt from Documents\Aerosoft\General\A3XX Navigraph\proc

This screenshot is the as downloaded data (not edited)