Revision numbers for manual installation

Under the old format of the manual AIRAC’s it was easy to see the revision numbers for each of the data files when scanning the page. Under the new format, this information appears to only be available by running the re-downloaded installer again. Am I missing something? If not, is there a way this data can be added back to the manual downloads page?



We have had only two 2nd revisions recently for Project Magenta (AIRAC 2010 and 2014) … the last significant revision was with AIRAC 2006, where we fixed a bug in the Aerosoft Airbus series.

We add the revisions/version (when its larger than 1, this means not on the initial, first released version) on the setup-executable files (i.e. as_p3dv4_2101v2.exe). So there has been no real revision in the last 8 cycles.

We shall add future release notes as we do for MSFS beta.


Understood Ian. Thank you for the reply.