Release Notes - Navigraph Avionics Plugin for G3000 & G5000


We have included most if not all of the previously removed chart features in the first beta version. As the framework improves and we get more time to work on features, we plan on introducing even more!

Current features
  • Chart list with airport lookup
  • Different charts displayed on each PFD (with required first-party “enhancement” mods installed)
  • Support for vertical and horizontal GTC units
  • SimBrief import page
  • Global settings
    • SimBrief
      • Load Procedures during import
      • Load Airways during import
    • Simlink
      • Broadcast position (XBox only)
  • Chart options
    • Lightmode (Day/Night/Auto)
    • Chart section (header, profile, etc.) where available
  • Airport Chart button in “Nearest Airport” menu
  • Show Chart button in the procedure options slideouts
  • Show On Chart preview mode in procedure selection menus
  • Fit Chart button that adjusts the size of the displayed chart to fit on the screen
  • Charts tab in the airport information page
  • SYNC POF button to resume the above automatic behavior after manual chart
  • Automatic selection of chart linked to a loaded procedure when navigating chart categories
  • Automatic selection of relevant charts when the chart page is opened throughout the flight
  • Aircraft (ownship) position on top of supported charts
  • Panning, zooming, and rotating of displayed charts
  • No Charts Available message for airports without charts
  • Database status page, showing Navigraph account link status

Planned features
  • Automatic opening of airport chart when designating the charts page (if appropriate)
  • Automatic opening of airport chart on landing
  • Scale “widget” when showing georeferenced charts
  • Aircraft Not Shown icon when the aircraft location is outside of valid bounds

Limitations & Known issues

At the moment of writing this, there are still outstanding limitations in the framework that enables this plugin. This has a few implications that will be mentioned here as known issues, but the most important takeaway is that the plugin currently only supports the G3000 and G5000. Our end goal is to support the G1000 and CJ4 as well, but that will come later. For now, the known issues are:

  • The touchpad used to interact with a loaded chart can only be opened using the “map knob” once the charts page has been fully opened. Designating the page (pressing it once) is not enough.

  • The “- Range +” mode for the map knob will only be active on the charts page and when the touchpad is open, not whenever the Charts pane is designated and visible in the selected pane. However, in the longitude, the PFD range knobs can always be used when a chart is visible.

  • The “Auto Light Mode Threshold” function is experimental and currently only works in the TBM930. Support for additional aircraft will be added as they expose the necessary values to plugins.


While there are 3rd party addons that use the Garmin avionics built into the simulator, these might not be immediately compatible. Please only use the default aircraft for now. We are working together with the developers of the following add-ons to ensure full compatibility:

  • HJet (FlightFX)
  • VisionJet (FlightFX)


The plugin can be installed using Navigraph Hub. Look for Avionics Plugin G3000/G5000 in the list of available packages for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020.

Latest version

v1.0.1 (18 May 2023)

  • Added transitions to procedures when importing from SimBrief
  • Fixed bug that would cause Simlink from activating in the background for beta testers
  • Fixed small heading size in Simlink settings screen when using horizontal GTC units

Version History

v1.0.0 (17 May 2023)

  • Initial release! :tada:
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