Problem with WBGL

Today I landed on Long Akad. Bad runway with airac:

without airac:

Another two questions ( see the photo below). The airport’s name is WBGL or WBGA? The elevation is the same? Because I created an airport variation, using default msfs2020 airport elevation ( 745.0F) and with airac the airport is below terrain, without airac is perfect.

Sorry, but this is a sim issue rather than a navdata issue. The airport WBGL is on the wrong position.

WBGL (Long Banga) is near the city Long Banga at 3.20138889 / 115.40166667
WBGA (Long Akah) is near the Long Akah at 3.31277778 / 114.78638889

Here from GoogleMaps:

WBGL is left (red marker), WBGA is right (blue marker)

WBGL is included in the sim (on the wrong position) but WBGA is not included in the sim and we add it to sim. So, due the fact that WBGL is on the same position as WBGA you see the overlappings … but again, this is an ASOBO/MS/WT issue because their stock airport WBGL is on the wrong position (on the position of WBGA)

Hope that helps,

Thank you very much for your informations.

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