Printing Navigraph Charts

I attempted to print off a taxi chart for EGCC for reference as certain taxiways reference letters have changed recently. When I pressed print, the printer started but all it did was send out sheet after sheet of paper with either a row of meaningless letters and symbols across the top of the page. I lost count of the number of sheets which came through the printer. Ever since when I try to print any other document, it starts sending out all these sheets of paper, even though the print job came to an end previously. By the way, there is not print job shown in the list of documents in printer settings, so I cannot cancel it. I have tried re-setting the printer to factory settings but nothing I do seems to clear it. Please help if you can?



Sound like a print spooler issue. Try uninstall/reinstall printer driver.


I always use printer preview on in the printer settings. It shows you how many pages are set to print. You can then add or remove pages by right clicking on each one and removing the unwanted ones. You can elect to print odd pages first, then remove those and add the even pages after. That way you can do double sided printing. Very useful feature which will save you a lot of grief and paper and ink.

Many thanks Guys. Problem solved with your help.


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