Poor performance on Mac OS since 1.6.3

After installing 1.6.3 Build 21290 start-up and export is really sluggish on my MAC (Big Sur 11.6.1)
iMac (Retina 5K, 27-inch, 2017)
4.2 GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i7

Any idea why?

Unfortunately I had to make many changes to the program under the hood to fix a certificate bug that came up a few weeks ago (even though the app itself doesn’t look visually different). Most notably an update to the underlying framework, which while absolutely necessary, could also result in some new issues popping up.

I don’t have a Mac so it’s unfortunately very difficult for me to troubleshoot this right now.

I did search online and found one mention of a Mac user encountering slow apps when using a custom color profile on their monitor. If you’re using a custom color profile, does temporarily disabling it fix the issue? There was also a similar issue when connecting an external monitor to their Mac, but it doesn’t sound like this applies to you.

If the color profile ends up being the cause, I’ll look closer into whether there are any fixes I can try.

Best regards,

I did indeed have a color profile defined (although I don’t recall creating one).
After I deleted this profile, performance was restored to normal.

Thanks for the tip and the fast response, this helped!

Edit: I did a calibration of the display, which created a new profile. However, the performance stayed normal, so maybe the specification of the older profile was the issue, not the custom profile per se…

That’s great news, glad it helped and thanks for letting us know!

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