PMDG 737 won't follow added Wpt route

I enjoy flying AP following routes. After setting route departure and arrival procedures OK, if I then right-click, select a wpt. add to route before or after other wpts, as instructed. I find that when I fly AP the plane
will not follow the route of added wpts. What am I doing wrong ?


Some screenshots illustrating how this looks in Charts and in the 737 would be helpful.

Did you export the flight from Charts and import to the aircraft after you made your edits to the flight plan?

Could you upload the flight plan file here?



Hi Stephen, thanks for your prompt reply. As requested I have attached FP file and pic of Chart. The added
wpts are after BALUK, The aircraft left the route at BALUK and kept on that hdg. It only happens when I
manually insert wpts. I do this before the FP is exported and imported to PMDG. The Youtube tutorial says you can put these wpts into the plan, I have no success, what do you think ?
Thanks again,

LIRQLIMC.rte (395 Bytes)

Nav Chart.bmp (3.37 MB)

Stephen, following my previous email, I flew the route again to take pics of the 737 panel, EUREKA the
plane followed the route OK. I am bewildered, the problem could be the FMC or the Pilot. I shall persevere,
Maybe the problem is not Navigraph.
Hope this info helps,

Hello, sometimes we miss a letter when manually entering data into the CDU that could cause a DISCO for sure. Happy it worked out.