Planned Optimum Flight Level

is it possible to automatically change flight to maximum cruise speed instead of the automatic selected Cruise Altitude.
I mostly get FL400 or more (which is totally correct) in Longitude/CJ4 but the greatest TAS is at around FL320±. FL400 and more is more efficient but not always the fastest FL.

I agree with this. Sometimes minimum fuel burn is not the priority and the real aircraft does not support cost index calculations. Some business jet operations is one example. DC-6 and other propliner operations in the 1950s is another (before they came down and slowed down to save fuel since jets were faster anyway).

Selecting altitudes manually by trial and error is a workaround for shorter flights but I don’t know how to calculate steps that way.

A toggle option to optimize altitude selection based on CI or minimum fuel (default) versus optimize for minimum trip time would be neat.

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Hello, thanks for the message. As of now, the only way to get faster is to change the CI or decrease the flight time. SimBrief will try to meet that new flight time.
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