P3D 5.2 King Air B200 from Flight1 not recognized by the FMS Data Manager

i have a super king air b200 from flight one, i need to download or put into navigraph to give me the correct waypoints and charts how do you do it david haynes.

Hi David,


Check you have folder …your P3Dv5\Navigraph, if not create it.

In latest FMS Data Manager,
In Addon Mappings , press +Add, for Please select an addon… choose Flight1 Mustang/King Air B200, for Install into… choose User Defined folder, specifying …your P3Dv5\Navigraph.
Press Save.

In Addon List select Flight1 Mustang/King Air B200 and Update.

Please let us know how you get on.


yes i have done that . but its still the same, navigraph i think should show on the screen in the king air b200 but it dose not, the approach dose not match up at all,
can one you guys purchase the plane and figure out where the problem is and give me the results,
i never thought dose the king air b220 work with navigraph in the first place dose it show the nav charts and plans on the screens please let me know frustrated simmer,
flight 1 will not reply to my messages.

I can’t find a F1 King Air B200 for P3D v5 … I only see this addon compatible with P3D v4. From where do we get the KA B200 P3Dv5 or is this a typo in your title?


i got it from flight 1 super king air b200,
i have put the pane in navigraph and set that up i think
when on approach it doe not give you the correct waypoints
the king air screens dose not show the nav charts or dose it in the first place i don’t know dave,

ring me on skype its better that way you might give me the answer dave

are you contacting me please do

send the contact desperate to use navigraph

… but again, according the product page of Flight1, the B200 is only compatible with P3Dv4


So the question, where can I buy the B200 for P3Dv5 as you suggested?


Richard what are you doing are you going to speak to me let me know waiting hear

Dave, please send me the link, where I can order the B200 for P3Dv5, that I can check your issue.

Thank you very much

flight 1 you need a agent to purchase you will see that, so you cannot help me now

if you look at the issue, its not showing on the nav screen if it dose do that in the first place, when you setup approach and departure its not the same as navigraph,
do some research and let me know ok dave.

Hi Dave,
according the F1 Agent, the P3Dv5 is only in beta available and some features are not available. Therefore the FMS Data Manager doesn´t still recognize this new version (because it´s not official out, when I read this correctly).

Thank you & cheers,

i thought this as been out for long time, could you find out if beta as finished if not do i purchase the king air before that one
let me know dave. ps great plane to fly,
question do you fly the airbus a320 if so need some answers ok dave.

So, I have installed the beta and has installed the data exactly via the instructions from Ian here:

I have checked, if the files are all in place and correct and they are. I also have checked an approach (LOWW ILS29) and it´s exactly the same as in our charts - all waypoints are in the correct sequence, can´t reproduce it … possible you can give us an example, which approach on which airport doesn´t match with the charts.

Thank you,

PS: no, the King Air for P3Dv5 is still in beta

PPS: I have also added the King Air now for P3Dv5 in the FMS Data Manager - this change will be effective with the next AIRAC 2110.

speak to me on skype now i am online i can show my setup in fms data manager david haynes on skype then you can use teamviewer please do this i am fed up

No sir, we don’t have individual support, sorry … Please make screenshots, videos, … to show us, what problem you have now?

Make a screenshot of your mappings in the FMS Data Manager please, that we see what you have entered and if the path is correct set according the instruction from Ian.

Also please describe in more detail what issue you have now? Because you mix a few things here.

  1. The path in the FMS Data Manager
  2. Any approaches where the waypoints are not in sequence or missing

So, for #1
Please let us know your path, which you have set in the FDM (incl. a screenshot)

For #2:
Please give us an example (airport, runway and approach) where you have seen the waypoint missmatch.

Thank you very much

richard please contact me

i am really disappointed we cannot connect to navigraph which is sad for the customer i hate all these emails trying to get to a answer that could be done with one phone call or skype