Outdated YBAS CIFP data in X-Plane 11 and 12

The custom CIFP data for YBAS installed by FMS Data Manager in AIRAC 2213 contains the OCTAV4 SID. This procedure was replaced with the OCTAV5 in March 2022. This happened at the same time as the MINIM1 was replaced with the MINIM2 which is in the CIFP data.

I appreciate that the proprietary Australian procedures are added manually and you can’t include the charts.

thanks for the report - these procedures are tailored records designed by Martin (@stewamar). Tailored records will not be updated from us directly. Tailored records are customized records from our user which we added in the data.

Martin (@stewamar) … any chance for an update? :wink:


Sure will !!!
Regards Martin

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Hi Richard and AirWombat, update sent through via email on Monday.
Regards Martin YBLT

Thank you Martin (@stewamar) … mail received. @AirWombat updated procedures will be included in AIRAC 2302 (because 2301 is still created). Thank you very much for the update …


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A short update:
The YBAS procedures are updated and fully available with the upcoming AIRAC 2302

Thank you very much to Martin (@stewamar) - much appreciated …