On the position of RNAV intercepting glideslope on runway 30 of KFCH Airport

I have a question. According to Navigraph Charts, runway 30 of KFCH airport has an RNAV. The glideslope should have been intercepted at the SEMAH waypoint at an altitude of 2,000 feet. However, it cannot be intercepted at this waypoint, so it must descend to 900 feet before the glide slope can be intercepted at EMEVE waypoint. Is there something wrong with the navigation data or is it my own misunderstanding?

sorry for the delay of this answer but I have overseen it … sorry …

I have checked the RNAV 30 approach into KFCH and we have also the 2000ft at SEMAH in our database. Also SEMAH is approx. 5.3 miles before the touchdown, so technically it should possible to capture the glideslope. It could be any limitation in the sim because I can´t see, how we can influence the capturing of the glideslope.

The default range value for the glideslope is 18 miles, so should be also enough for this scenario. I really assume any limitation in the sim, sorry …