Old user name can't be changed

My first FMS Data Manager was created as FSC568 while I was member of the German FSC e.v. back in 2009 till 2020. I cancelled the monthly subscription around 2017 or 2018 since I had not enough time to practice “flight” due to business reasons.
This year I joint IVAO and my member number there is 414706. I have started a new monthly subscription of charts and the FMS Data Manager. Updating the latest navigation data circle to the sim objects in FSX I opened FSM Data Manager and noticed, that there is still the welcome of “FSC568” which can not be changed to IVAO 414706 even I have uninstalled the FSM Data Manager twice already.
Is there a chance to update the member number on FMS Data Manager to avoid problems if a new member of FSC could get my “old” member number 568 ?

Klaus (IVAO414706)

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