No Dropdown menu

The dropdown menu at the bottom left of the Navigraph FMS Data Manager that shows access codes is not showing items.

Hello, I have the same problem here. Please, what is the problem?

Hi Team,


For Windows 10 or mac OS?

Check you have latest FMS Data Manager


I have reinstalled with the latest FMS Data Manager, and I have the same problem. Win10. :frowning:

Hi Paulo

… when you mean as an example SimBrief - you don´t need to copy & paste code any longer, you can do this now directly from the application, when you plan a new flight - simple unlock the AIRAC and all is good. No copy&paste any more …

Hope that helps,

Hi Richard
Very appreciated for the answer :smiley:
But is there a way to have the code ? Or its not used anymore?

… not used anymore. SimBrief “does” this for you in the background with our systems. Due some new upcoming projects, we had re-viewed our services and one of this output was to make some things easier - one was to remove this copy & paste code version :wink:

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