New User: How may I add arbitrary waypoints and load them into Flight Simulator 2020?

Hi, new user here.

I have a need to implement arbitrary waypoints for data gathering and eventually flight test purposes. I’m trying to figure out a way to load a set of waypoints into Simbrief and exported to a simulator. To illustrate what I’m after, this is a flight plan created in Cloud Cap’s Piccolo autopilot software for drones. I need to create something similar and flexible enough that I can fly arbitrary bearings towards a single central point in a light single engine aircraft.

An update to what I’ve tried so far. I can create lat-long waypoints in Google Maps and convert decimal to minutes-seconds and copy into Skyvector. I was hoping that Skyvector could take arbitrary waypoints that I could import into SimBrief and import that into MSFS2020, but Skyvector seems to only interpret these as direct-to waypoints which is not what I need.

Until Navigraph supports arbitrary points ( and rulers! ) - I did ask a while back and while I didn’t get a commitment apparently a new application is being worked on - you can try using LittleNavMap ( which imports Navigraph data ) and export as a MFS2020 pln.

Roger that. Thanks for the referral.