NavigraphSimlink hanging

This is a report – not a complaint. Just wanted to bring it up in case others have the same issue.

Whenever I run FSXSE, the NavigraphSimlink.exe process starts, which allows Navigraph Charts to see where you and show your location in Charts. When I close FSXSE, NavigraphSimlink.exe remains active. The problem is that if I try to restart FSXSE, it throws the (app running) error. I usually get this because FSXSE hasn’t shut down completely and just have to wait a few more seconds. However, if NavigraphSimlink.exe is running, I also get this error.

The workaround is to open Windows Task Manager, go to the Processes tab and End Process for NavigraphSimlink.exe.

I’m guessing the root of the problem is that NavigraphSimlink.exe does not terminate when I close FSXSE.