Navigraph Charts does not load PFPX fms file

Dear Forum
Navigraph Charts does not load the PFPX fms file. I always get the same message:

‘‘Something was wrong with the fms format’’

Does anyone know what the issue is? The strange thing is that Xplane & Active Sky recognize the same file but Navigraph Charts does not
thanks for any assistance you can give
Kind Regards

Exactly which export option are you using in PFPX and trying to import too charts?

I use export to Prepar3Dv4 here and that works fine with charts, any P3D or the FSX option should work.

I have exported it from PFPX to xPlane\Output\FMS Plans
Works in xPlane and Active Sky = no problem
I do not have P3D or FSX


I can only suggest a workaround Mike and that is to export a P3D plan additionally to a location of your choice ( use the browse function in PFPX to a designated folder ) and import to charts from there.

Indeed the PFPX .fms format cannot be imported to charts but it may well be outdated.

Thanks again for your time srcooke
Sorted !!! Done it as you suggested and works that way…
thanks for your help

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