Navigraph Carts start with comandline parameter

Question: Is it possible to start Navigraph Charts from comandline specifying as parameter a flight plan previously created with Simbrief?

If not, would this be possible with a Navigraph API call?



Right now it is not possible. Could you explain your use case in more detail for our consideration?



Hi Stephen,

thanks for the quick reply. My usecase is as follows:

  • Flight planning with Simbrief

  • The Simbrief xml file is then the hub of my dispatch process (loaded from my FP Depository, which holds the Simbrief files of the last 3o days)

  • Performance calculation (based on the Simbrief data) in the background using TopCat

  • Positioning of the aircraft (airport and gate)

  • Shortcuts to IVAO FPL( if edit is required for some reason), Skyvector (not used often), Google Earth (kml from Simbrief), Navigraph-Charts (verify airport data, selection of the gate and SID) , FR24 (to doublecheck the real live runway in use)

  • Sending the load sheet to the flight deck Printer

  • Sending the flightplan to Project Magenta, Active Sky, …

  • Control of the ‚Gate Info Monitor‘

I have been using the program for 3 years now and the approach is to perform the entire dispatch process workflow oriented with as few mouse clicks as possible. For this purpose I pass the necessary parameters to the programs wherever possible. Added the shortcut to Navigraph-Charts now, because my IPad4 is not very compatible the lastest Navigraph-Charts Version.

Would be great if also for Navigraph Charts parameterized start or API would be possible.

Kind regards,


Kind regards,


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Thank you for the additional background information.

We’ll take this into account for future developments of the app.

Kind regards,