Navigraf subscription does not work

I have an annual subscription. Everything worked fine yesterday. It doesn’t work today.


In what way does it not work. Please provide screenshots of what you are trying and any error messages using Guide to posting Screenshots.


I’m from Russia.My annual subscription worked fine.I stopped today.

I am trying to help. What doesn’t work? What are you trying, and what error messages are you receiving?


I have navigraf charts working, I can’t go to the navigraf website.

Are you saying you can’t access ? What message do you get?


I receive a notification that navigraf does not work in Russia.But in MSFS, navigraph works for me, and through a smartphone too, I can’t access the site through a PC.

We are not blocking access to Russian users, so this is something on your system or through your Internet Service Provider.

Try disconnecting any antivirus or firewall. Maybe post a screenshot of the error message using Guide to posting Screenshots


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