NavCharts Login and Simconnect Issues (FS2020)

I’m running FS2020 (obiously up to data wit the new SU6) on a Windows PC with 32GB RAM, i7-8700 and 3080 gfx.

I was running v8 of the panel in my plane and I’ve been running into two issues:

  1. Just logging in the last several sessions has been fraught with trouble where I get server issues, etc.
  2. During my last two flights, when I could log in, SimConnect just disconnected in the middle of the flight leaving me without a live map. It would not reconnect giving the standard “can’t reconnect” error but it was also still clearly running as any attempt to reload it informed me it was running.

What should I do to troubleshoot these issues? I have MINIMAL things in the Community folder and have tried without items (other than the Aerosoft CRJ I fly) and it still did this.


Windows 11 by chance? Issues in a different thread regarding SimLink failure and Win 11 insider release seems a common factor.

Nope. Windows 10/64-bit. No idea why.