Meaning of approach points


On the maps and the MCDU there are some points which I do not fully understand.

For example the VOR B approach to VNKT displays distance/altitude points.
I understand that the 65VOR point indicates its position at 6.5 MN from the VOR.

What do the numbers 3 and then 2 on points 40VO3 and 30VO2 mean?



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Hi Hervé,
this is simple a “counter”-postfix to make the ident´s unique per airport/region/area … nothing else. It could be, that there are a second waypoint exists in any other procedure in this airport-area and than the FMC had a problem to identify which waypoint should be used. Therefore, the postfix which is simple a counter …

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It takes the thorn out of my side (French expression :slight_smile:

This is specific to the Jeppesen data and is included in the data for X-plane 11.


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