Marker Beacons issue with MSFS

Since SU10 Beta, there appears to be an issue with Marker Beacons

Up to SU9, Marker beacons were working fine, in both native MSFS Nav Database, and with the Navigraph Nav Database,

In early SU10 beta, Marker Beacons Stopped working

Asobo admitted the bug, and claimed to have fixed it in latest SU10 beta.

Now, with NaviGraph Nav database loaded into MSFS, Marker beacons Active when flown over.

Bit without the NaviGraph Nav Database loaded, the Marker Beacons do not activate.

Also, with and without the NaviGraph Nav Database installed, LNM does not detect any beacon Markers.

What has gone wrong here , and who is going to get things back to working, as it was before the SU Betas ?

Does not seem to actually be a NaviGraph issue, but this is their area of expertise, so maybe they can explain what is going wrong ?