Loading saved vs dispatched

Might someone please explain the uses/differences between loading a saved flight vs a Dispatched one? I’m new and not understanding the value of having both options. Thanks.


Dispatched flights are loadable only for a limited time. After around 1 month old dispatches will disappear from the Dispatch History list.

Saved flights, on the other hand, will always remain in your list.

Another difference is that loading a Dispatch History flight will load the exact same options, including the original date, the old runways, old alternates, etc, even if they are no longer valid for today’s weather. Loading a saved flight will load most of the options (airports, flight number, aircraft, route), but will reset the date, and select fresh runways and alternates based on today’s weather.

In other words, Dispatch History is useful for going back and regenerating a previous flight exactly as it was. Saved flights are useful if you fly the same flight often on different days, and want to save some time typing in the basic details.

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