KPDX - No STARs when using FlightBeam Scenery Add-On


When the FlightBeam KPDX scenery is in my community folder, no STARs show up when planning an arrival into the airport. If remove the scenery, things work normally. Just letting you know because I don’t know if that is a NG issue or FlightBeam’s issue. I will try to let them know as well.



Hi Joe,
the reason is a missing runway in the KPDX scenery - it´s

Here what you get offered in the scenery:

… here the runways in the MSFS stock sceneries:

… and here the real-world:

You see the runway 03/21 is missing in the Flightbeam KPDX scenery. The logic in the sim is now, when a procedure can´t be assign to a runway, all STARs will be disabled and you can´t select any. As you see, all procedures are included, when you remove the addon scenery because the stock scenery is up2date and has all runways included.

Sorry, that´s a Flightbeam issue - we can´t do anything for that. The navdata are complete and correct so far …


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Thanks @NAVData

Today I purchased the new KPSP airport from Axonos. I notice that I cannot load a SID when departing from KPSP in the WorkingTitle CJ4. Is this a similar issue or am I doing something wrong perhaps?

Thx again,


Not sure Joe - a first indicator for this is to check the airport layout, if the runways in the 3rd party scenery is equal to the real one. Means no runway ident change, all runways are included, …

When yes, it must be another reason.


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