Klarna (creditcard) declined this months fee

I have a Klarna Visa Creditcard but it got declined this month, Klarna customer service says it is because Navigraph is classified in their system as a unallowed service, such as gambling, betting or cash transactions (they would not specify further)

Do you know anything about this? I can try another card

It has worked fine till today


We are clearly not a gambling or betting service. Could you please ask them to review their classification which is obviously wrong?

Did not hear about problems like that from any other card provider.

Kind regards,


I sent them an email about it i will report back if the respond, in the meantime I changed to another card and it works fine

Same for me :frowning_with_open_mouth: hopefully it gets fixed

Hey madgun.

Would you do us (and other Navigraph users) the favor of reporting this to Klarna so that they get their transaction classification in order?