Kilometers randomly in my flight plan?

I’m just wondering if someone can answer a question that’s bugging me. In my flight plan I’m looking at BIGLU/K0913F350 as one of my waypoints. Now I know the characters at the end mean km and an altitude (In flight level) but I’m confused by the km/h. Why is it defined in Metric when everything else is in knots and fe et. It doesn’t line up with my airspeed so is it ground speed?

Hi, this is your TAS (true airspeed) in kilometres per hour.

Some FIRs (mostly in Russia and parts of Asia) require your speed in kilometres per hour instead of knots. Minsk FIR (UMMV) is one of them, and you cross into it over BIGLU.

Oh! Thank you very much for that. I wasn’t aware of that. And keep up the good work with Simbrief!

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