KEDE ILS 19 waypoint incorrect

There is an extra waypoint in the ILS 19 procedure for KEDE, ECG15, which is also listed as an IAF. It should not be there. Also the altitude at IDWAP is listed as 1600 feet, It should be 2500, and IDWAP should be an IAF.

I have checked the database and also as an example the PMDG in P3D … the ECG-15 waypoint is a “track from a fix to a distance” waypoint and this is necessary because the turn must start BEFORE IDWAP and not at … also it´s not correct (at least in our data) that this is an IAF.

The IAF is the “from fix” means ECG … the ECG-15 is a pseudo waypoint created by the FMC to follow the flightpath.

You see this in the transition list, which are normally the IAF waypoints … CVI, ECG and IDWAP:

… when you look on the ND (ECG transition selected), you see the flightpath and the intercept (which is larger than 30 degrees - therefore the turn before):

You see also that IDWAP has the 2500 feet restriction, EYUFI next the 1600 feet restriction … so, all is ok so far, at least here in my example.


Look at the FAA appoch chart. IDWAP is an IAF and an IF. Also if you use that way point, you have to turn back to the right I order to cross IDWAP.

Right, therefore you see the IDWAP also in transition list (IAF) of my screenshot and on the legs list of the ECG transition as IF.

IDWAP is not a fly-over waypoint in the ECG transition, therefore you don’t cross it.


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